We are making agricultural information accessible!

Agrobase compiles information about crop protection products and seeds for about 80 countries.

Its main products are:

Homologa ™, The Global Crop Protection Database

Homologa ™ gives access to detailed information about

  • Approved and expired crop protection products, all translated in English.
  • Existing- and future Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs).
  • It covers all crops including ornamentals and some non-agricultural uses.
  • Biological products are included.
  • Access to label information is given in many countries.

Homologa™ is updated constantly.
For more details please go to Homologa™.

Homologa™ can be accessed via a web-portal or via regular alert reports that are sent by e-mail. The alert reports contain information about new or expired products and MRLs.
A subscription is needed for accessing the database. If you are interested, please contact us. We offer free trials.

AgroWin®, the Crop Protection and Seeds Use Database

Agrobase compiles with its ‘World Agrocode Program’ proprietary information about the use of protection products and seeds from multiple sources, mainly from institutes that run farm interviews. The standardized data can then be analyzed on global level with the software AgroWin®. Agrobase supplies all necessary services for data management and hosting.

For more details please go to AgroWin®.

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