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Agrobase-Logigram was founded in 1988. During the 1980's there had been a rapid increase in the number of countries where farm panels designed to collect and project agricultural pesticide usage were performed. Agrobase’s objective was to try to bring some order into this large flow of data with a view of rendering it accessible to computer analysis across the various countries.

Agrobase developed the World Agrocode Program that includes the software Agrowin® and the standardization of data from different sources. The data from about 80 countries with 120000 products are managed today.

Since 2001 Agrobase has extended its range of products and manages the Global Crop Protection Database, called Homologa™ that became the international regulatory reference for pesticides. It is used by a wide range of users like crop protection product manufacturers, the food industry, governmental organizations, producers, importers, exporters, the World Bank, laboratories, universities and software suppliers for farm management/traceability systems.

Location Archamps

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Location Archamps

Our office is located in France in the Haute Savoie Region on the border to Geneva, Switzerland.

Location Archamps